Try All the Flavours of Shreddies!

With varieties like Original, Honey, and Banana Bread you won’t be able to pick a flavour-ite. Try them all!

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Good Good Whole Wheat Honey Shreddies

There is goodness in everyone and in every bowl of Good, Good Whole Wheat Honey Shreddies.

Good Starts Small

There’s goodness in the smallest things – like an offer to help a friend move, and even in a single Shreddies square

Sweet & Savoury Shreddies Treats

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Blueberry Crumble Bars

Made with wild blueberries and Honey Shreddies, this tasty bar makes a healthy treat for dessert or snacking.

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Crunchy Superfoods Snack Mix

Packed with nutrition, this sweet snack mix will help you power through your day with ease.

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Shreddies Chewy Cereal Bars

Shreddies Chewy Cereal Bars

For any chef, the most important asset is a collection of trusted recipes. That’s why we here at Post Consumer Brands have done much of the work for you! From breakfasts for the road (or weekends at home) to snacks...

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Shreddies BBQ Snack Mix

Shreddies Italian-Style Snack Mix

At Post Consumer Brands, we believe that it’s important to keep variety in your snacking. A well-made snack mix can be the anchor of a snack table at a party, and your guests will take notice to the level of...

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